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"Craig Writes" is a regular column written for the NZDA News magazine by Craig Alexander. Here is a selection of previous articles which have been published in the popular column.

  • $19,538,065 - What Does That Represent?

    $19,538,065 - What Does That Represent?

    With 15% of claims being death related, this leaves 85% of claims where the individual suffering the event or condition is still alive. These claim settlements are equally, if not more important, to provide for family and claimant. ...
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  • Will It Be Or Will It Not?

    Will It Be Or Will It Not?

    It's not only important to plan for, and mitigate, the financial outcome of an event but equally as important to plan for after the event ...
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  • So, You're Dead – What Happens Next???

    Is It Advice Or Is It Sales???

    In Australia the Government has set up a Royal Inquiry into banking and financial services and while ongoing there are almost daily headlines of lies, deceit and fraud ...
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  • So, You're Dead – What Happens Next???

    So, You're Dead – What Happens Next???

    In an ideal world a deceased person would have an up to date will, business agreement (if a practice owner), succession plan and insurance ...
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  • He's Got a Broken Neck

    He's Got a Broken Neck

    Karen phoned me from the office to say Brent Will, a long-term member of NZDIS, had called to say he would be submitting a claim and could I call him.
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  • You've Got To Have A Lot Of Money To Buy Cheap

    You've Got To Have A Lot Of Money To Buy Cheap

    Our ability to compare tangible products makes it easy to identify value for money However, I am increasingly seeing people making investment and insurance decisions based on cost. Ultimately “you’ve got to have a lot of money to buy cheap” could well apply.
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  • KiwiSaver - Update 2016

    KiwiSaver - Update 2016

    It has been nearly 9 years since KiwiSaver was introduced (1 July 2007). Not long after, the world experienced the Global Financial Crisis and many New Zealanders were questioning the merits of long term savings as the initial impact on investment returns was severely negative - with some funds experiencing losses of up to 50%.
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  • Lower interest rates

    The Downside of Lower Interest Rates

    The Reserve Bank continues to be bearish on interest rates and many market commentators are forecasting a further reduction in the OCR (Official Cash Rate) from its already historically low level of 2.00%.
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  • Health & Safety – A New Era

    Health & Safety – A New Era

    This year from 4th April the Health & Safety at Work Act came in to force and is designed to provide a safer working environment for staff and visitors to the work place. It also makes businesses, directors and managerial staff more accountable for their actions and inactions.
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  • Are All Trauma Policies Created Equal?

    Are All Trauma Policies Created Equal?

    A trauma policy will pay out a lump sum based on diagnosis of a listed medical condition or event. The policy has a measure of severity required for each condition or event that must be met for a claim to be paid.
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  • Death – The Unavoidable!!!!!

    Death – The Unavoidable!!!!!

    Benjamin Franklin once said “... in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Each year in New Zealand approximately 30,000 people die. Around 75% of these deaths occur in the retirement age of post 65. Therefore around 8,000 people die during their working lifetime.
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  • Property Syndication – the return of the old!

    Property Syndication – the return of the old!

    You can always tell when the property market is really active - everyone is an expert, the media is full of commentary and advertisements and syndication becomes the new buzzword.
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  • Insurance Reviews - Are Yours Up To Date?

    There's a train of thought that people in given industries aren't always the best at following their own advice or maintaining their own requirements in the same way they look after their clients. The saying goes "You can always tell a cobbler by his shoes."
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  • Can you combat rising insurance premiums

    Can You Combat Rising Insurance Premiums?

    It seems every other letter from an insurer these days is to advise of a rise in premiums for the coming year. There is invariably the explanatory letter confirming that rising claims costs, compliance costs or business costs (taxation or corporate overheads) have risen in the past year. These costs are usually across the board increases affecting every policy holder.
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  • Where Does The Time Go and What's Changed?

    On 1 July this year I will have been with NZDIS for 15 years or another way to look at it 75 articles for the NZDA News. At lot has happened in that time. Jenny Shipley was Prime Minister and was to lose the election later that year to Helen Clark. In the USA Bill Clinton was President...
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  • Health Insurance - You Get What You Pay For

    As we enter a new year a most inevitable thing to occur will be the annual round of premium increases for health insurance. This leads to many querying either the need to continue with such cover or to seek alternative policies.
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  • Financial Advisors - What's Their Worth?

    Every second advertisement these days seems to be promoting a do it yourself approach to financial services and in particular insurance. The short comings in these offerings quite often lie in the detail.
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  • NZDA Conference 2014

    I'm just back from Christchurch where the NZDA held its annual conference and I realized it was my 16th attendance. My first conference was way back in 1999 in New Plymouth. The NZDA used to hold Biennial Conferences and Regional Conferences in the inbetween years.
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  • $6 Million Man

    There was a TV show in the mid 70's called the $6 Million Man. An astronaut who survived a crash was rebuilt using bionic parts - an eye, an arm and both legs. This gave him an enhanced speed, strength and vision. "Interesting" I hear you say "but what is your point?" Well, it made me realize I'm a lot older than I realise and 40 years ago $6 million dollars was deemed such a huge amount of money that it could provide super human outcomes.
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  • Wiser In HindSight

    It has been the theme for TV commercials, movies and books. It applies to all of us in some respect of some aspect of life. "If we had the chance to do something again - would we do it differently?"
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    No matter who's in power it would seem politicians will look for mileage on the superannuation front. The three funding components are National Superannuation - a universal state pension payable to all over the age of 65. New Zealand Superannuation Fund...
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  • Loans To Family & Friends - What to Do

    Over the course of a year we speak to many dentists about their financial affairs. Conversations take in all facets of their business and personal circumstances. Our advice is tailored to the individual and arrived at through logical and methodical best practice...
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  • Beware the (Non) Advice you Receive - Arthur's Story

    Here's a story involving a good friend of mine (Arthur) that highlights the value of receiving good advice and long term relationships. The insurance and financial services industry has seen an explosion of advisors and advisory sources over the last 10 years - primarily banks and the internet that it...
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  • Student Debt - Financial Cancer of the Next Generation

    There has long been widespread media coverage of student debt and its growing impact on New Zealand. For the individuals burdened with the debt it is becoming life altering. The Government however lists student debt in the country's balance sheet as one...
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  • KiwiSaver - Fitting It In To An Over All Plan

    There are over 2 million Kiwis in KiwiSaver and total investments in the billions with millions per day being added to member accounts. Member account balances are reaching sizable proportions with six figure sums commonplace. It would be fair to say this has exceeded...
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