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Client Corner

A Dental Graduate's Story

On graduating with a BDS from the University of Otago, I along with my classmates took up the offer from NZDIS to take out a policy for income protection insurance (the 52 week benefit Accident and Sickness policy). For me, this was an easy choice as I'd seen first hand how important income protection insurance is - my father became very sick during my time at Otago and without his income protection insurance policy my family would have really struggled.

Secure in the knowledge that I would have my income protected should I be unable to work I completed, signed the and sent away the application forms. Unfortunately for me, I succumbed to a serious illness.

With a massive student debt, no savings due to 5 years of study, and being unable to work for 9 months I was in trouble. NZDIS stepped in and saved my life! They paid me a weekly benefit during the time that I was unable to work, kept in contact with me for the duration of my illness and when I recovered, helped to arrange my insurances for me.

I have now had full income protection insurance through NZDIS for 10 years and find them extremely helpful and friendly to deal with. I would highly recommend NZDIS to all dental graduates - you never know what's around the corner, don't take your health for granted!

- Dr Kerri Robinson


I had recently returned to work as a dentist when I started having unexplained periods of "absence". I didn't collapse or thrash around. And, having two small children I had put these strange experiences down to "nappy-brain". However, we knew something was up when, in the middle of a shop, my husband and kids yelled at me and tapped me but couldn't get my attention for 30 seconds - and I carried on as if nothing had happened.

Scans ruled out a brain tumour - thank goodness. But these small lapses were diagnosed as epilepsy and left me unable to drive or work as a dentist. Suddenly, down to one income again when we had planned on two - affecting mortgage payments, credit cards, etc. Without comprehensive income protection insurance my family and I would have been in a very difficult financial position. There are things you may expect in life but this has been such an unexpected blow. Having the insurance in place means we have financially been able to consider making positive changes - such as moving to Dunedin and looking at specialising.

- Dr Sarah Drake

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